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and i'm going to cease fire between hamas and israel comes into force brokered by the un and the us do to last for three days while the conflict has claimed more than fourteen hundred lives. latest e.u. sanctions against russia target banks oil and defense coming into force with the country's biggest bank also blacklisted by the bomb. lawlessness mayhem c e u governments and the us evacuate their citizens from libya as radicals declare an islamic emirate in the country. us moles its largest ever shipment of hell fire missiles to be iraqi government that has lost control of the economically crucial lands to jihad it's.
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nine am in moscow good to have you with us our top story this hour a three day ceasefire confirmed both by israel and hamas have started the pause was announced in a joint statement by the united nations and the u.s. state department who negotiated the truce let's go live now to middle east correspondent all asleep with the latest so paula finally a pause in the conflict what's next. well we have heard from the united nations and the united states and unconditional seventy two ceasefire that goes into effect on friday morning now israel says it will end here to this temporary truce but at the same time it will continue to locate and destroy when it cools tunnels inside gaza islamic jihad and a massive also say that they will add here to this truce but as long as israel keeps its fake share of the bargain. the temporary pause in fighting
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a certainly not the first we've witnessed in the past week but it is an opportunity for much needed urgent humanitarian relief to be brought into gaza it is a chance for residents there to stockpile on food for them to bury their dead for them to take care of the injured and at the same time for repairs to take place on the infrastructure of water and energy this comes paralleled to a resumption of talks that is slated to take place later on friday in cairo the united states and egypt will be mediating these talks between israel and hamas the latest information we have is that the talks will be in direct no word as of yet when they likely to start now all of this comes as violence between the two sides continued right up until the last moment we are hearing from palestinian sources that fourteen members of one family were killed in an israeli strike at the same time the israelis reporting that another five soldiers are there is killed inside
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gaza hamas has announced friday a day of rage an israeli police are on high alert in the palestinian territories and also in jerusalem but certainly this temporary truce is urgent we have heard from the united nations that one child is dying every hour in gaza that a quarter of gazans are displaced and have sought shelter in the united nations schools and hospitals and other such places there is essentially a chronic shortage of water it was almost no food medical supplies are at an all record low and at the same time electrical cuts continue to be felt so the concern on the ground is that both sides do it here to the seventy two hour cease fire to give residents of gaza an opportunity just to try and prepare themselves for a possible continuation of hostilities ortiz was there live for us in tel aviv the . for that update. operation protective age in its fourth week the number of
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palestinians killed is past fourteen hundred that already exceeding the last major israeli operation dead cast lead almost six years ago israel has lost fifty six soldiers three civilians in israel including a tidy national also killed by hamas rockets the war has left a few untouched sixteen year old farah baker has been tweeting from gaza for the last three weeks she posted photos and video of the horrors she's seen her sincerity has brought her thousands of followers and picked up by the media we spoke with her father a surgeon from a local hospital this is the fifth war of the she is with me it's so the legend she is she is she's is the city. that it would go to levy so maybe it will. do something this time with something that. put it another way this is not a war this is
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a must go to war is something that is stupid to be doing it was only to speak one force it is no it will be that civilians that she did to the woman. to deal with the demolished bodies this is something what it is even. more than the ones that they cannot continue seeing but this is the view we are any good he does us the situation i wish it were not to continue one minute. israel says it's trying to limit civilian casualties but that hamas is making that impossible my colleague you know neal spoke with paul her sense from the israeli foreign ministry. we're doing everything we possibly can to try to limit and to. restrict the civilian casualties in very difficult circumstances we've accepted and implemented in abided by five i think it is ceasefire proposals all of which were rejected and and violated by hamas and they have abused the palestinian but it's an obvious. if i was really that misfiled it's attacked by your country international
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journalists covering the conflict have said they've never seen so many children's deaths so many that is their words neither back in the previous were even in libya or syria or how do you react to that well first of all i will say to you that i think that the trade in blood the numbers is a little bit distasteful especially since nobody has the numbers i you know i again it's a cold and horrible reality but to say that it's anything anywhere approaching what goes on in libya and syria of course you and i both know is is simply silly we two are talking two hundred thousand people who've been put in syria and. today it's a one and a half thousand here in tragic circumstances about forty percent of whom are all terrorists but that leaves too many civilians who have been killed we know of tens and tens and tens of booby trapped houses by come us waiting for our soldiers which
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have caused incredible damage inside gaza but i agree with you a lot of the damage is also being caused by fall on the on israel's side and this is precisely the reason why we didn't want to be in this conflict. actions of israel and gaza supported by a rally in paris near the israeli embassy at the same time hundreds took to the streets of the french capital to also denounce the israeli offensive paris has been the scene of numerous pro israel and pro palestinian rallies since the conflict started. palestinians have also secured some radical support isis militants announcing that it's only a matter of time before their fighters join the battle against israel that still to come. but parts of eastern ukraine face a humanitarian crisis due to fighting between the army and anti-government forces lugansk has been left without power and water for days and quickly running out of food does a civilian killed in the last few days there. are
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. only. the. latest round of e.u. sanctions against russia over the ukraine crisis has come into force russia's biggest bank among the institutions hit by the regulations along with finance energy and defense sectors also targeted by the new restrictions peter all over reports. the full details of no come out about what the latest round of sanctions entailed what we're looking at is its targets three main sectors of the russian
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economy now in terms of the banking sector we've seen sanctions slapped on five of russia's biggest banks including the biggest spender bank which will stop them from being able to sell bonds to european investors with regards to the energy sector what we're going to see is anybody who wants to provide equipment technology to russia they're going to have to get approval looking at things like the continued exploration for oil in the arctic that could be affected by this and when it comes to defense well there is a ban on imports and exports of arms into russia however that isn't retroactive non of these are any deals that have gone on in the past any deals that have been agreed they'll all be fine and be allowed to progress but they that's basically the brass tacks of what of what these latest sanctions and tell you expert robert all those things european economic interests are clashing with the blocs geo political goals. the european union's economy is very fragile at the moment and significant
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countries within the you know to be germany have been around sixty billion pounds euros worth of annual trade with russia. they do not want to have that. they are some sanctions that are being in place but of course there may not be stringent enough yet to to make sure that fully complies with the european union but of course there's the greatest geopolitical issue whether going to russia should be doing what the united states and of the european union site should be doing. some trouble european economies people don't want to bear austerity policies greek social workers choose to fight to meet activists who came to protest after up and lost their jobs. and u.s. national security agency standing for data protection but in this case the financial data of its former chief leading to suspicions that he could be turning
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a profit from the agency's probe of state secrets. as the media leave us so we leave the media by the sea motion secure. for your party visible. issues that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics only of our team. on merit in the financial world. to act to goldman's can't stop incidentally take no demand to trade is not going to get any economic benefit in life there are. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refused
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over norway is the most cultured food you have in the whole world. drama zones in the fischel inquiry furthermore those restrictions. really knows what's inside the feeling of. the leaves the brigade's economic ups and downs in the final months day the london of the old sang night and the rest because i think meet a single day every week. fourteen
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minutes past the hour some thirteen thousand filipinos being evacuated from libya after one of its citizens there was beheaded several e.u. states including france have pulled their nationals from the country the u.s. evacuated its endless. staff and recommended that all americans do the same many experts say the security chaos in libya shows it's turning into a failed state thursday radical militants declared an islamic emirate in benghazi this followed two days of fighting to end it with extremists overrunning a special forces base in the capital tripoli weeks of fighting between rival gangs have seen one hundred dead and four hundred wounded seven western states have already shuttered their embassies in the country a political analyst and activist sugata shined in tells us why he thinks libya has descended into lawlessness ground was laid for this situation by nato and its allied forces on the ground throughout twenty twenty eleven and former leader of
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libya moammar gadhafi made it very clear during the twenty eleven that if you want to turn libya into a country with lawlessness and no central governance like somalia off going to stay on it cetera the nato and its allies are doing the right thing since october twenty levin when the foreman john maria there is no national government there is no national army or national police force it's plain for all to see that the nato project failed but that's to assume that nato who attended to bring any type of stability to libya they have been made to put you in this mess i'm going to remain putting you in this mess and such is the moonless nights in libya that libyan oil production is not even a third of what it was in the foreseeable future it looks highly unlikely they'll be any stability let alone democracy in libya. the u.s. says is planning its largest ever shipment of hellfire missiles to iraq radicals their control economically vital oil sites and have declared an islamic caliphate on the vast lands they control in the country's northwest or he's out of stasis
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churkin explains. a record size shipment of hellfire missiles to the iraqi government from the us is in the works the u.s. state department is reported to have approved and the pentagon is in the process of preparing to send over five thousand a.g.m. one fourteen type and our missiles and related parts to iraq the cost of this deal is estimated at a whopping seven hundred million dollars american aerospace giant lockheed martin is the prime contractor for the production and supply of these hellfire missiles this comes as the iraqi government continues the fight against isis the islamist militants al qaeda affiliated group who have been raging in the west and north of the country the iraq military is reported to have used up about three hundred hellfire missiles this june and a previous delivery of an additional eight hundred missiles had already been approved to be sent over by the end of this month so this latest large planned shipment is in addition to the missiles that had already been sent over by the u.s.
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according to a pentagon press release on this issue the missile directly supports the government of iraq and serves the interests of the people of iraq and the united states it also says that iraq will use the hellfire missile to help improve iraq's security forces capability to support current ongoing ground operations we now human rights groups have been critical of the use of missiles since they have reportedly been fired at residential neighborhoods and cities where isis has been present specifically human rights watch has called on the u.s. to not send weapons to iraq until baghdad acts in accordance with international law and r.t.e. or anywhere activists brian becker thinks is the arms dealers that will benefit the most from the ship. it's five thousand missiles these are important unishe and they could be have a devastating impact on the battlefield it's good for us arms manufacturers and puts the us back in a position of perhaps a strategic significance in competition with iran with the central government in iraq will it change the equation in the battlefield we don't know that if we step
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back and look at what's really happened since two thousand and three the united states because of its military intervention in iraq fractured the country and fractured it along ethno sectarian lines and finance shiite militias that financed sunni militias that financed the kurds the u.s. as a matter of policy for three years has funneled arms and weapons to arm the same so-called islamic extremists in syria and have now back should serious the u.s. is trying to get back into iraq to have a decisive impact but it's a divide and rule in strategy that we've see it unfold in both syria and in iraq militant group formally known as isis that declared a caliphate in the northwest of iraq says it's only a matter of time before they reach palestine to fight quote the barbaric jews a group notorious for its atrocities in iraq and syria have captured key sunni cities and forced more than a million iraqis to flee and right a former u.s. army colonel says the islamic state involvement won't help the palestinians. gaza is pretty well surrounded on you know on all sides so that isis fighters themselves
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would be getting in there i'm not particularly i don't i don't know that that would happen however the pressure that can be put from other areas onto israel their support in lebanon. support in the other parts of syria to open up and another front on israel that is where i think israel would would be very concerned about they do have the capability of moving military material and people they are quickly i would hope there would be louder voices and other elements of our world society that can drown out what isis is saying we all ought to be outraged about what israel is doing isis is want to foment but they certainly don't help the cause of the palestinians because of what isis has done in syria and in iraq. and there's a getting in your old cold case the u.k.
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launching a probe aiming to shed light on the death of a former russian intelligence officer that is a click away for you plus twitter reports a hiking government request for user personal data with the u.s. topping the list more on that an r t dot com. u.s. national security agency has another lawsuit on its hands this one over its refusal to disclose the former directors financial data secrecy has led to suspicions you could be selling off secrets or he's a marine important i reports from new york. the agency that eroded the meaning of privacy and indiscriminately peered into the lives of millions of citizens around the world is suddenly subscribing to protecting personal information but only if that person happens to be the former director of the national security agency keith alexander the n.s.a. work uses to release the financial disclosures of the four star general who according to reports is currently raking in some one million dollars a month for his cyber security consulting services this has raised ethical
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questions and concerns that the former spy chief may be selling high level security secrets and classified information for a lucrative paycheck misusing classified information for profit is a federal felony critics say the only thing alexander has to offer potential clients is the state secrets he knows investigative journalist jason leopold is now suing the spy agency for the release of alexander's documents arguing they're being withheld unlawfully experts say alexander's financial disclosures can only be suppressed by the u.s. president this is just the latest in a string of lawsuits filed against the n.s.a. since former contractor edward snowden revealed the agency's global surveillance programs and while washington is still struggling to regain trust with americans and allies around the world the man who spearheaded the indiscriminate spy programs remains protected and profitable. r.t.
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new york former cia officer ray mcgovern thinks that selling classified data is the only possible explanation the general was ender's supposedly huge revenue. just think that general alexander would have anything in the way of innovative techniques or would he work in their lab or will he we come up with new ways to do their job no no no he would sell his previous experiences all of it being polluting classified information and all so that he can reap enrich himself for years when he's now in his defense and i'm being sarcastic here i generals like like him with a four star generals only make two hundred and twenty thousand dollars in retirement so clearly he needs to supplement his income but a million dollars a month sounds a little excessive. turning now to some other stories making global headlines in
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taiwan at least twenty four people killed two hundred seventy one wounded in a series of explosions thought to be caused by gas leaks in the sewage system eyewitnesses say a dense fog formed over the streets in early friday morning before erupting into multiple blasts that tore up roads flipped over cars firefighters searching for residents who might be buried under the rubble. argentina's president cristina kirchner denies that her country's facing financial default she stressed there are still opportunities for dialogue with international debt holders argentina's debt was due to be paid at the end of july the country all maybe ready made a payment on one of its bonds but a u.s. judge has ruled that the rule on the case walking that deposit. at least one thousand people drowned off the southern coast of pakistan after gathering for a beach celebration to mark the end of ramadan authorities say victims ignored warnings to stay out of the water due to powerful waves in caryn's one thousand bodies so far recovered from two separate beaches some people remain missing.
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victims of austerity in greece aren't going quietly many state sector employees most of them women have decided to fight for the jobs they lost even if it means facing down police marina kosar eva reports. they've been called a symbol of resistance. not. so who are they they are ordinary women mostly aged between forty five and sixty who claimed the tax office is the ministry of finance and customs service up until september last year when the ministerial decree so hundreds of them suspended and later fired. but he went ahead with the job and work with that suddenly our lives were destroyed we had two options to cry over decisions that were made for us all stand up and fight these women staged protests and occasionally block
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the entrance of the finance ministry demanding the government stop ruining the lives that were there austerity measures recently these demonstrations turned file and with some of them and then up in the hospital accusing riot police of beating them up. the cinema said by the police didn't want us there and they started pushing us of run for the shields the twisted my arm and they took my friend and stuff and the police car even amnesty international accused local cops of abusing their powers and violating human rights but little has been done to bring those responsible to justice he this policy is part of the austerity measures agreed upon with our lenders our country can house six hundred seventy thousand public servants this will help our private sector which has been battered so many businesses have shut down and over one million private sector workers were made redundant sooner or later hundreds of thousands will have to depart from the public sector but that will create work for private business. this is where the cleaners are camped out
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every single day reminding the government that they're not going anywhere and informing the public of what they see as a great injustice the greek supreme court seems to agree with them at one point ordering the finance minister to rehire them only to have that woman turn but it's not over yet. these women now prepared to go back to court this september. some experts claim that even if these women managed to get their jobs back they will never enjoy the same salaries or benefits as they did before but at this point the only thing these women care about is reclaiming their rights even if that means spending more months protesting merino call survivor points in from athens for its seat politicking with larry king coming your way next stay with us.
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sometimes i am baffled by the closed little world that a lot of people in the mainstream media must live in they seem shocked and appalled at the fact that around forty percent of the weapons supplied afghanistan have gone missing let's ignore the fact that while americans are going broke the u.s. must rebuild the afghan military and think for just a second what would happen if you sent a lot of weapons into a country in dire economic suffering i'm sure you've heard reports that say that afghan farmers could only make a living off of poppy crops because they just have no other resort so if you throw a bunch of guns and ammo into the hands of people who have the career choices of poppies or starvation yeah that someone might be willing to sell some bullets to get by also we shouldn't forget that every government our earth has people in it working for their old self interests or others' interests it is totally naive to think that every person involved in the process of transferring weapons will be loyal to the afghan government which seems to have been put in place by a certain hyper power who remain nameless in short if you find this story shocking then you really need to get off the couch and see how the world really works but
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that's just my opinion. money's huge impact on american politics can democracy survive special interest
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campaign spending we're going to take a look at that on this edition of politicking. the politicking on larry king and on today's show a square nominated filmmaker called deal his new documentary is citizen koch it investigates the money behind the tea party traces the impact of unlimited election spending by corporations and billionaires it's a controversial and private donors versus the voting public and call joins us from new york what was the impetus for citizen cold call. well you know larry i guess after president obama was elected one thing that we all .


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